The Bay Ridge CSA is a partnership between community members of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, and our farms: Hearty Roots (vegetables & eggs), various fruit farms in the Hudson Valley (sourced by Hearty Roots), and Lewis Waite Farm (meat, poultry, bread, dairy, jam/honey, etc) in Greenwich, NY.   We are proud to announce its fourth year of bringing farm-fresh, pesticide free, locally grown, affordable food directly to the Bay Ridge community.

You can join our CSA by purchasing a “share” of a local farmer’s harvest. CSA members receive a bounty of fresh produce each week for the entire produce season, which runs from June until November, which can also include pastured, free range eggs.  Also, on a year-round basis CSA members are entitled to separately order their own grass-fed meats, poultry, cheese, eggs, bread, jam/honey, syrup, granola and much more!

Get to know your farmer and enjoy the freshest, tastiest, pesticide-free produce you’ve ever eaten, right here in the neighborhood!

The details (price, schedule, etc) for our 2017 Season are now available on our membership page.

The Bay Ridge CSA

How Our CSA Works

The Bay Ridge CSA was started in 2008 as a partnership between the people in our neighborhood (55 members in our first year, led by a dedicated core group of volunteers), the Hearty Roots Farm, and with the cooperation of the 4th Ave Presbyterian Church, and the guidance and resources of Just Food.

In the Spring, members purchase a “share” in the farm. This gives the farmers much needed financing for purchasing seeds and other supplies. In return, the farm delivers a portion of the harvest to members every week throughout the growing season, from June through November. By supporting our partner farms, our CSA members not only get freshly picked, delicious food once a week at an affordable price, they are also helping to preserve local, sustainable/organic agriculture and farmland, and get to enjoy being part of acommunity of food-conscious neighbors.

For a list of other CSAs, and more information about CSA in general, please visit Just Food.

Our Membership in 2010

  • 70 Veggie Shares
  • 116 Members
  • 50 Fruit Shares
  • 30 Egg Shares

Our Membership in 2009

  • 65 Veggie Shares
  • 100 Members
  • 48 Fruit Shares
  • 30 Egg Shares
  • 81% of Members renewed after first year

Our Membership in 2008

  • 40 Veggie Shares
  • 55 Members

About Just Food

Just Food began in Autumn 1994 as the all-volunteer effort of a number of NYC and Northeast food-system leaders to promote a holistic approach to food, hunger and agriculture issues.

Just Food envisions a strong regional food system — incorporating a diversity of rural farms and a robust urban farming component — that preserves ecosystems, reduces pollution, promotes social justice, provides education about the environment and invigorates rural and urban economies.

By using food as the common element linking diverse organizations and individuals, Just Food works to improve the quality of life in NYC and the region.