Bay Ridge Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) – Frequently Asked Questions

What is Community Supported Agriculture?

When you join a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program, you are contracting with a local farmer to provide you with fresh organic produce every week for an entire growing season (often 22-23 weeks in this region).   You provide the money up-front to the farmer, enabling him to purchase all of the necessary goods to successfully grow his/her crops for that season.  And in return, the farmer delivers the freshest produce that is “in season” on any given week.  The type of produce varies from week to week as different vegetables become in season, ensuring that you will be eating vegetables at their freshest point.

How much does a basic share cost?

Please refer to our pricing table on the How-to-Join page.  For some, a share might last a week, for others, a share would only be enough for a few days. Some households may opt for an “Every Other Week” (EOW) share, where they pick up their produce on alternating weeks.

The BR CSA strives to make our shares affordable. Families receiving WIC or EBT benefits are automatically eligible for subsidized shares. Individuals with incomes below $25K and families with incomes $30K or below can request low-cost shares. For questions regarding Low-cost shares,  please contact email hidden; JavaScript is required

How do I get my produce?

Pick-up is on Saturdays, 8:30 a.m. – 10:30 a.m. at the Fourth Avenue Presbyterian Church (on Fourth Avenue between 68th & Senator Streets). Members must bring their own bags. Please note: Anyone arriving after 10:30 a.m. will not be admitted to the site.

Do I get to pick which vegetables are included in my share?

Hearty Roots delivers a splendid variety of produce (a list of the 2010 crops can be found on their site); however, while they are responsive to our suggestions, they cannot provide custom shares.  The type of produce varies from week to week as different vegetables become in season, ensuring that you will be eating vegetables at their freshest point.

What if I can’t make it to the CSA site?

If you cannot pick up in any particular week, you can arrange for a friend to do so for you. We cannot refund money for any missed pickups. At the end of the distribution, any leftover produce is donated to a local charity.

Are there any work requirements for members?

You will be required to work a single 3-hour shift on a Saturday of your choice. This entails keeping the produce well arranged on the tables, posting signs identifying the fruits and vegetables, staffing the sign-in table, and tidying up. The Site Coordinator will be on hand to guide you. To schedule your work shift, please contact email hidden; JavaScript is required

Can I join after the season has started?

You cannot join a season in progress.  But to be placed on the waiting list for the following season, please contact email hidden; JavaScript is required

Who coordinates the CSA?

A core group of CSA members works with the farmer and members, prepares and runs the pick-up site, collects member data, oversees finances, maintains the CSA website, solicits member input, coordinates community outreach and member work schedules, etc. Any member who wants to devote their energy, time, and talent is eligible to join the core group when an opening becomes available.  Individuals interested should contact email hidden; JavaScript is required

What are some of the other benefits of joining the CSA?

Farmer Benjamin at Hearty Roots often invites us to join him for various farm-related events throughout the season.  Past events have included an onion transplanting in May, a garlic harvest in July, and a Fall harvest celebration in October.   This is an excellent opportunity to connect to the food that you are receiving, cooking and eating every week, and the people who grow it.

We also publish a regular email newsletter and an online blog, which sometimes offers recipes for our produce items, produce storage tips, and much more.  We will also send out regular updates from the farmers as they keep us abreast of the latest happenings and perspective from the farm. Additionally, the weekly pick-up is a community experience shared with neighbors who care about healthful eating and sustainable agriculture.

How do I know what to expect in my share this week?

Each week on Friday, the farmers will send an estimated list of produce that we can expect to receive.  This share list will be emailed to members, as well as posted on the homepage of this website.   It is important to keep in mind that this list is not necessarily the exact list of produce we will get, but it is the farmer’s best guess as to what they can provide.  Sometimes when they head out to the fields on Friday to pick the produce, conditions have changed and the veggie share for that week may also change slightly.

For more information

Please contact email hidden; JavaScript is required

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