Ordering from Lewis Waite Farm

 Ordering products from the Lewis Waite Farm CSA Network (otherwise known as our “Year-round share”) is simple.  The only requirement is that you have a full or EOW (Every Other Week) vegetable share.  Ordering works like this:

1) You purchase the products you want through their website
2) You show up at our pick-up site (4th Avenue Presbyterian Church) on the scheduled pick-up date and pick up your products
3) Payment can be done through Paypal or by bringing a check to the pick-up site.

How to use their Website


Their website is easy to use.  Along with each product, is a list of which farm the product came from, which can be clicked on to get a description of the farm.  To order from the website, you must log-in first.   Log-in and account set-up instructions have been sent by email to all members and will be published on this webpage shortly.

When ordering, make sure you submit your final order and make sure you receive a confirmation email.  If you don’t receive a confirmation email your order may not have gone through.

Picking up your food

The Pick-up site for deliveries is the 4th Avenue Presbyterian Church, same distribution site as our vegetable/fruit/egg shares.  The pick-up time during June-October is from 7:30-8:30pm.

Deliveries are made once per month.  The deadline for orders to be made via the website is generally 2 days prior to the Delivery date, for some products such as bread, i may be an additional day or 2 earlier.  Please try to be prompt, as the site coordinator will be waiting with the orders to make sure everyone picks them up.  The upcoming deliveries are as follows:

May 18th (order by May 16th)

June 13th (order by June 11th)

July 11th (order by July 9th)

August 8th (order by August 6th)

September 5th (order by September 3rd)

October 3rd (order by October 1st)

October 31st (order by October 29th)


Payments can be done either 1) through PayPal or 2) by bringing a check to the pick up site.

The day before your order, you will receive an email from Lewis Waite Farm with the exact amount & cost of your order (sometimes can vary slightly based on the exact weight, especially if you buy meat).  There will be a link on the email providing you with the option to pay by PayPal, if you choose.