Membership Fees for the 2019 Season

Membership Fees — 2019 Season*
Share Type Price*
Vegetable Share
7–10 items for 22 weeks
Full Share: $594
EOW Share: $308
Local Fruit Share
2-3 items for 18 weeks
Full Share: $180
EOW Share: $90
Pastured Eggs
1 dozen eggs for 22 weeks
Full Share: $137.50
EOW Share: $68.25
 * Prices if ordered before 4/15/19
** Administration Fee (regardless of share type) $20 per member
* EOW = Every Other Week

The BR CSA strives to make our shares affordable. Families receiving WIC or EBT benefits are automatically eligible for subsidized shares. Individuals with incomes below $25K and families with incomes $30K or below can request low cost shares. For questions regarding Low cost shares,  please contact email hidden; JavaScript is required