A question of trust

Trust is a wonderful thing, isn’t it? It’s hard to explain the feeling you get when you have been promised something, and then you realize it’s all been a pack of lies all along. Like the time I was told that England would win the World Cup. Or that Desperate Housewives of Secaucus would be a worthy and thought-provoking watch. And the less said about the butt-toning shoes I bought a few years ago, the better.

The problem is that we have to take the information that we get at face value. So when I tell my wife that hi-tech looking piece of geeky kit that she sees on the table was actually bought for a song on eBay, she naturally believes me. Only when she finds the receipts and the application for a new mortgage is that trust eroded. If she’s reading, this is a joke darling. But don’t look in the second drawer in my bedroom dresser anyway.

What’s this got to do with vegetables, I hear you cry? A very good point, I answer sheepishly. Actually trust is a huge thing when it comes to the food we feed our families. Only this week the Bavarian Health & Food Safety Authority and Wuerzburg University in Germany announced that they are developing a test that may be able to identify whether the organic produce we buy is really organic – rather than just relabelled to force consumers to pay a higher price for their fruit and vegetables. Organic fraud is an increasing problem, and technology may be one way to reduce the problem it would appear.

Of course, the fantastic part about being a member of a CSA is that you build up a personal relationship with your farm (in our case, that’s Hearty Roots Community Farm in upstate New York). We know the practices that BR, Lindsey and the team there use, because we’ve been working with them for seven years, and many of us have made trips to the farm over that time, So, we don’t need a new bit of technology to ensure that we really can trust that the produce is of the quality and provenance that we have come to expect. The fact that we get pounds and pounds of tomatoes every week is admittedly an extra bonus!

Anyway, trust me when I say that here is what you can expect to receive in this week’s farm share:

Delicata Winter Squash
Summer squash




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