Different strokes

Growing older is a strange thing. I’m not talking about the strange single long hairs that suddenly start to spurt out of your eyebrows (or worse still, your nostril) at a much greater rate than any other. Or the odd grunts that you find yourself emitting at particularly strenuous moments, such as – you know – standing up. Or even the fact that you start to wax lyrical about things that you never used to like, just because they were around when you were younger. Like ‘Kate & Allie’, or ‘Max Headroom’.

No, I’m just talking about how your attitude changes in general, the older we get. And in particular, our desire to be different seems to change with time.

When you’re a young child, the last thing in the world that you want to do is stand out from the crowd. After all, it was always the slightly different kid whose parent made him wear a cardigan rather than a coat that got picked on at school. Or the girl who had Rola Cola instead of Coke or Pepsi, obviously.

As you grow up though, the more you want to express yourself individually. Admittedly, that matching tie-dye bandana/underwear set that you made for yourself in your freshman year may have been a mistake in hindsight, but at least you were telling the world that you stood for something different. Even if that difference resulted in you spending Friday nights alone in your dorm room, watching ‘Falcon Crest’ and eating Baskin Robbins kahlua and cream flavored ice cream.

The fact is that different is good. And particularly when it comes to the food we eat. Most of us are members of a CSA because we want to see some kind of change in the way that produce is grown and distributed, and we’re not content with the status quo. Indeed, a study out of the UK published today suggests that organic food – as grown by farms such as our own Hearty Roots – has more of the antioxidant compounds linked to better health than regular (non-organic) food, as well as markedly lower levels of toxic metals and pesticides. Now THAT’S a difference that we can all go for.

Here’s what you can expect to receive in tomorrow’s CSA share:

Garlic Scapes
Tomatoes (These are the very very first of the tomatoes, just a few are ripe so
there are only two per share, but there will be more to come! Please make sure you only take your allotted share!)

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