Don’t just bore us, get to the chorus

Everyone has their own Friday night routines. Some people watch a movie and order dubiously sourced chicken fingers to be delivered to their house. Some meet for Happy Hour after work, and wake up the next morning fully clothed and with a vague taste of tequila and teriyaki in their mouth. Others just head out on the highway, looking for adventure, and – you know – whatever comes their way.

For me, Friday night is dedicated to the writing of a hilariously offbeat blog post (according to judges at the CSA Bloggers Awards in 1977) informing Bay Ridge CSA members of what vegetables they will be receiving the next day. As a general rule, that involves drinking my own body weight in a cheeky white wine (some people get put off by the apple cider vinegar after taste, but not me), and letting the creative juices flow.

Tonight though, disaster has struck. With no wine anywhere to be found, I’m desperately relying on my own wit and repartee to get me through, and, as anyone who has ever met me will confirm, that’s going to be a struggle. With David no longer wearing his hat at the pickup, Rana away and unable to make her signs, and all the other big bosses at the Bay Ridge CSA just way too scary to make fun of, all my normal sources of creative inspiration have vanished.

And then I realized. Like Hanson’s ‘MMMBop’ (look it up, younger members), people only ever remember the chorus. So, let’s forget about the meaningless verse, and get to the ba duba dop ba duba dop. Here’s what you can expect to receive in this week’s CSA farm share:

Red Beets

In the fruit share:

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