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According to recent reports, California is being forced to increase the amount of money it pumps into water recycling, as it faces its third serious drought in as many years. While some Californians have apparently been turning up their noses at the prospect of so-called ‘toilet-to-tap’ processing, most people recognize that it’s a necessary response to a fundamental lack of water in the area.

Of course, lack of water is not such a problem here in New York, despite heat that causes this poor forsaken Brit to patent a new way of walking that involves no movement of any limbs. The Bay Ridge Shuffle, as history will come to describe it, reduces body sweat by at least 39.1%, although it does attract marginally odd glances from passers-by. What do they know?

However, we at the Bay Ridge CSA are nonetheless suffering from a serious drought when it comes to recipes. Every year, eager members send their favorite recipes incorporating CSA vegetables for publication to the masses. Yet this year, the drought is so severe that humanitarians are considering throwing us a benefit concert. Please, reach deep into those recipe pockets and dig out your incredible version of Blueberry Eggplant with garlic scape sauce. No gift is too small, so email email hidden; JavaScript is required today.

In the meantime, here’s what you can expect to receive in the CSA share today:

Sweet Peppers
Sweet Corn

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