The best things come to those who wait

They say that the best things come to those who wait. To be brutally honest, I have no idea who ‘they’ are (though my money’s on the big bosses from the Bay Ridge CSA), or indeed why ‘they’ always have to speak in such alarmingly clichéd ways. But say it they do.

Personally I am not sure they are even right. After all, I waited for four years for Veronica Dribblethwaite from third grade, and then moments after she told me that I could share her PB&J, I watched her run off to play tag with some kid with a minor hygiene problem and a penchant for eating mud.

I’ve been waiting 40 years now for England to survive past the semi-final of a major football tournament, and while the World Cup has now kicked off, I fear I’ll be waiting a few more years yet. For those of you reading this on Sunday morning, I hope you all saw the team’s glorious 7-1 mauling of Italy, and that you’re looking forward to watching the Three Lions inevitably grasp defeat from the jaws of victory in the games to come.

But to be fair, ‘they’ may still have a point. After all, it’s now just before midnight, and you’re only now getting news of what’s in tomorrow’s second CSA share of the year. You can’t rush perfection. Or even mediocrity, in the case of this email. Anyway, enjoy your vegetables, and if you see Veronica Dribblethwaite, can you ask her to give me my marbles back?

Here’s what’s in tomorrow’s CSA share:

Japanese Sweet Turnips
Summer squash (zucchini and/or yellow squash)
Swiss Chard
Garlic Scapes*

* Garlic Scapes are the immature flower of the garlic plant. These curly-cues show up in June and we snap them off of the plants as a spring treat. Nice garlic flavor, when substituted for garlic in recipes the strength is a bit milder.

News from the farm:

Although the share is always greens-heavy in early June, we are excited that the summer squash (zucchini and yellow squash) are ripening up quickly and we have a good amount to send in this week’s share. As we near the longest days of sunlight of the year, the plants are growing so quickly, and of course so are the weeds! We couldn’t be busier at the farm, but we are having a great time, and enjoying a week of mild temperatures and some rain showers.

Thanks for your membership this season! Our number one priority on this farm is providing good, affordable food to all of you, the CSA members who make it possible for our farm to flourish. We will be working hard all season to ensure that your family has the best quality, freshest, healthiest food possible on your tables.

With gratitude,

Ben, Lindsey, Piper + Eleanor, along with Jeff, Wes, Jordan, Tim, Christopher, Kate, Brian, Lia and Audrey

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