Recipe: Any-Kind-Of-Greens-Pesto!

With the CSA season now in full effect, we’re looking for member recipes to share with the group. Bay Ridge CSA member Anna Thornton Taylor has stepped up to the challenge with her version of pesto, which she says can be made with any kind of greens you get from the CSA share! It’s “simple, fast and good,” says Anna. Enjoy the recipe.

Any-kind-of-greens PESTO

Ingredients:Your bunch of greens
2 or 3 cloves of garlic
1/3-1/2 cup Parmesan cheese
½ cup of olive oil (more to the loosen the pesto up)
1/3 cup nuts (walnuts, pinenuts…other nuts might bring out other flavors…Cashews? Toasted almonds?)

Method:Put all the ingredients in a blender and pulse it until a smooth paste. Taste it to see if it needs any additional of the above ingredients.
More salt? Add more cheese. Too thick? Add more olive oil.
Too “green” tasting? Add more garlic and cheese. You just really can’t mess it up!

Serve the pesto as a spread on toasted bread or mixed in hot pasta or cold pasta salad.

Thanks to Anna, and keep those recipes coming – just send them to email hidden; JavaScript is required.

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